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How Will NC DWI Laws Affect My Case?

publish October 25, 2019

North Carolina has strict laws regarding driving while impaired (DWI). Generally speaking, if you are pulled over and found to be behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you may face this charge. It’s important to know the laws and how a DWI can affect your case. What Encompasses DWI in North Carolina? A driver can... Read More

Bringing an Attorney to Your Assault Charge Case

publish October 18, 2019

As per North Carolina law, there are different classifications for the crime of assault. Depending on the facts of a case, they can range from a simple misdemeanor assault to felony assault. You don't even have to touch somebody to be charged with assault. The common thread running through all of the classifications of assault is that a... Read More

How Common Are Airplane Accidents? Who Can File a Claim?

publish October 11, 2019

Aviation accidents are rare compared to vehicular mishaps, but the consequences of one can be far more serious than the average traffic wreck. Those who have in some way been victimized by an aircraft accident and are considering legal action should turn to The Law Offices of Karl E. Knudsen, where they will find the representation they need.... Read More

Construction Site Accidents: When to File a Claim

publish October 04, 2019

Construction accidents claim hundreds of lives and injure thousands every year in North Carolina and elsewhere in the country. If you or a family member have been the victim of a construction industry mishap and are considering legal action, you should first seek the services of a construction accident law firm in Raleigh. The Law Office of... Read More

Lost a Loved One to Somebody’s Negligence? How to File a Wrongful Death Claim

publish September 20, 2019

A wrongful death case is a civil action for money damages. Section 28A -18-2 of the North Carolina statutes defines a wrongful death as a fatality caused "by a wrongful act, neglect or default of another." According to the personal injury lawyers in Raleigh at the Law Office of Karl E. Knudsen, only the decedent's personal representative is... Read More