Any experienced personal injury attorney in Raleigh NC would recommend that auto accident victims see a doctor right away. The reason is that even if victims do not suffer any visible injuries, they may have incurred a hidden condition. The lawyers at the Law Office of Karl Knudsen want all prospective clients to know what some of these hidden conditions can be.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Sometimes, the rise in adrenaline levels that victims experience after a crash can dull their pain and make them unconscious of strained, sprained, bruised or torn muscles, ligaments or tendons. Pain, discoloration and loss of strength may arise only the following day.


The impact of a rear-end collision can cause the neck to snap back and forth, causing whiplash. Symptoms include neck pain, headaches and a limited range of neck motion. Pain may even spread to the shoulders and upper back and make these areas tender. While most victims improve with a combination of exercise and pain medication, others may be left with chronic neck pain.

Spinal Disc Hernia

The force of rear-end collisions can also cause the rubbery tissue between the vertebrae of the spine to bulge out. So long as the nerves are not compressed, victims may not experience pain.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Victims who hit their head may find themselves suffering from memory loss or even personality changes months after the accident. If they do, then a TBI is to blame. This may even result in long-term brain damage.

Anxiety and Stress Disorders

Psychological conditions can also be hidden. Auto accident victims may begin to fear driving, suffer from general anxiety or develop PTSD, which will be characterized by flashbacks and nightmares of the crash.

The Law Office of Karl Knudsen has a personal injury attorney Raleigh residents can trust their auto accident case with. A personal injury attorney in Raleigh has a better chance of preparing a strong case if all injuries, including those hidden conditions, have been documented first by a doctor.

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