Construction Site Accidents: When to File a Claim

October 04, 2019
construction site accident

Construction accidents claim hundreds of lives and injure thousands every year in North Carolina and elsewhere in the country. If you or a family member have been the victim of a construction industry mishap and are considering legal action, you should first seek the services of a construction accident law firm in Raleigh. The Law Office of Karl E. Knudsen offers this type of assistance.

The Risks of the Trade
The construction industry exposes its workers to risks that are not found in most other occupations. Risks may come from faulty equipment, from mistakes by fellow employees or by failings in company policy. These are the types of accidents that often involve construction workers:

•Falls from ladders, scaffolding or other high places
•Construction material or other debris falling from above
•Fires and explosions
•Mishaps involving heavy machinery
•Exposure to hazardous chemicals

Raleigh NC construction law attorneys can help the victims involved in these or other types of accidents.

Help for the Victims
Those who are harmed in construction accidents may receive benefits from the state workers’ compensation program, which is designed for such purposes. However, they may also seek from whoever was responsible monetary damages that can be used to cover their economic costs, including medical expenses, and as compensation for their emotional suffering. The families of workers killed in construction accidents can seek damages in wrongful death cases. Raleigh NC construction law attorneys can help both the victims and their families examine their options after such mishaps.

The Right to Compensation
In order to ensure their fair treatment, those involved in these types of accidents need the type of representation available from a construction accident law firm in Raleigh. This is why victims and their families should contact the Law Office of Karl E. Knudsen.