How Common Are Airplane Accidents? Who Can File a Claim?

October 11, 2019
airplane accidents

Aviation accidents are rare compared to vehicular mishaps, but the consequences of one can be far more serious than the average traffic wreck. Those who have in some way been victimized by an aircraft accident and are considering legal action should turn to The Law Offices of Karl E. Knudsen, where they will find the representation they need.

The Safety of Flying
Flying in a commercial airliner is exceptionally safe. Major U.S. commercial airlines have in fact operated for more than a decade without a major crash on a passenger flight. Turbulence-related incidents occasionally occur, often resulting in serious injury to occupants. The safety record of general aviation, which encompasses everything from pleasure and agricultural flying to flight training and business travel, is somewhat less impressive than that of the airline industry. Raleigh NC airplane accident attorneys can provide legal assistance to those involved in any type of aviation mishap.

Common Factors in Aircraft Accidents
Many crashes result from pilots losing control of their aircraft or continuing into adverse weather conditions. Others may involve the failure of an engine or some other component. Aircraft accidents are usually more complicated than other types of transportation mishaps and require lengthy investigations. Determining financial culpability can be equally difficult once the cause is established. Litigating a case will thus require a good understanding of aeronautical issues. Raleigh NC airplane accident attorneys can help victims and their families deal with these matters.

Seeking Financial Compensation
Damages may be sought by aircraft accident victims for the purpose of covering medical expenses, to replace lost wages and as compensation for their pain and suffering. In cases of fatal crashes, the families of victims can pursue wrongful death cases. These are good reasons for those involved in aviation accidents to contact the Law Office of Karl E. Knudsen.