Motorcycle Accident
Attorney/Lawyer Raleigh, NC

Motorcycle Accident Attorney/Lawyer Raleigh, NC

The use of motorcycle riding effectuates a positive sense of independence and adventure. Aside from that, motorcycle riding makes everything easily accessible due to its thin size that even traffic congestion could not hamper. With a heightened level of freedom that motorcycle-riding brings, it also brings about a heightened level of danger.
In Raleigh, North Carolina, the statistics on the number of annual motorcycle accidents are always high due to several causes such as, but not limited to, the unskilled rider, negligence and other factors not attributable to the rider but to the innate consequence of the natural events.

To address the issues aforementioned, motorcycle riders are strongly advised to wear full-body protection. However, due to the tedious process of both putting the outfit on, as well as taking them off, riders frequently opt to ride without them.
Motorcycle accidents due to collision or some other means make the claim a complex procedure. As a matter of fact, the injured rider may be entitled to compensation after the crash for medical bills, loss of wages, and other forms of damages.

Moreover, the following factors directly effect your claim:

The rider’s ability to get a higher claim is dependent on the amount of insurance coverage.

  • the fault-based approach is being observed in North Carolina and this pertains to the idea that the person at fault and caused the accident will be the one who will be held liable.

Evidence-based claim

  • a compelling set of evidence should be secured to facilitate your insurance claim otherwise the companies will offer a low claim settlement.

Claim should be carried out promptly

  • Your motorcycle claim in North Carolina must be filed within three (3) years of the accident, otherwise your claim will be hampered due to the application of Statue of Limitations. Upon the expiration of the three (3)-year period from the point of the accident, the court will reject any claims filed by virtue of the provisions of the mentioned statute.
motorcycle accident

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