Will I Have to Go to Court if I am Charged with a DWI?

August 16, 2019
chared with DWI

Being charged with a DWI can be a life-changing event. If you’ve never been charged, you might have questions about what comes next. You may not be worried about the sentencing at the moment, but you still might be wondering about the simple procedural facts. It’s normal, in fact, to wonder about things like whether or not you will have to go to court for the charge. The answer to this question may not be as complex as you might imagine.

The short answer is that yes, you’ll almost certainly have to go to court. Whether or not this means going to trial is a different matter, but it’s very unlikely that prosecutor in your case will just let things go. DWI is taken very seriously in most areas, and you should expect the prosecution to see the charge through more often than not. Going to court does not, however, mean that your story is over.

If you are charged with DWI, it’s very important to enlist the help of Raleigh DWI attorneys like those at The Law Offices of Karl Knudsen. An experienced attorney not only has a much better chance of understanding what the charges will mean for your future, but he or she also understands what needs to be done in order to help you as much as possible. A good lawyer may not necessarily be able to stop you from going to court, but he or she will be able to provide a zealous defense.

It’s never wise to approach a DWI case without representation. While the odds of going to court are very high, it’s still important that you have the help of an experienced attorney. If you are facing a DWI or any other criminal charge, make sure to get in contact with the Raleigh DWI attorneys at The Law Offices of Karl Knudsen in order to get the representation that you deserve.