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When You Should Begin Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

publish July 19, 2019

If you've been injured in an accident, figuring out your next steps might be tough. Your natural inclination is likely to start working on getting your life back together, but you might also wonder when and if you need to bring a lawsuit. According to the Raleigh NC personal injury lawyers at The Law Offices of Karl Knudsen, the answer is... Read More

Common Truck Accident Injuries: What to Do Next

publish July 12, 2019

Road accidents are always serious, but those involving a truck can be absolutely devastating. You can suffer debilitating, permanent injuries if you are involved in an accident with such a large vehicle, especially if you are in a vehicle that’s much smaller. Common Truck Accident Injuries Certain injuries are more common after a truck... Read More

NC Car Accidents Causes (& How a Lawyer Can Help)

publish July 05, 2019

The safest of drivers may not be able to avoid accidents caused by others. Those who have been so victimized and are considering legal action will require the services of Raleigh NC accident lawyers to ensure the protection of their rights. The Law Offices of Karl Knudsen provide this type of assistance. Common Factors in Traffic Accidents... Read More

When to Bring an Attorney onto Your Bicycle Accident Case

publish June 28, 2019

Were you recently injured in a bicycle accident? You may have been hit by a car that was driven by a distracted driver. You may have collided with another bike rider who was distracted or even intoxicated. Or you may have had a slip on your bike over some trash or other obstacle that was left there by a negligent party.  The Time for... Read More

Can I Be Compensated for Assault Injuries?

publish June 25, 2019

If you were recently the victim of an assault, you have the right to demand justice. If you were injured during the course of the attack, you can contact a Raleigh North Carolina criminal attorney to help you file a claim in court. The Law Offices of Karl Knudsen will help you get the full settlement that you need to cover your costs as well... Read More