If you were recently the victim of an assault, you have the right to demand justice. If you were injured during the course of the attack, you can contact a Raleigh North Carolina criminal attorney to help you file a claim in court. The Law Offices of Karl Knudsen will help you get the full settlement that you need to cover your costs as well as punitive damages for your pain and suffering. 

When is the Best Time to File Your Assault Injury Claim?

The best time to file your assault injury claim is as soon as possible. You can meet with a Raleigh North Carolina criminal attorney even while you are recuperating in the hospital. After you are released, you will need to press your claim immediately. You now have the cost of your hospitalization to cover as well as all of the wages that you have missed from work.

Your insurance company may try to pay you out less than they truly owe you. They may cite any number of reasons why you aren’t owed what you signed up for. If they try to weasel out of their responsibility toward you, you can take them to court to force them to pay up. Your Raleigh criminal attorney will be there by your side to demand justice.

This is not the time to lay back and hope that your insurance company will do the right thing. You will need to be proactive in defending yourself. The sooner you file your assault injury claim, the sooner you can get started on your full financial recovery. Get in touch with us today to learn more about what we can do to get you the full financial and punitive damages that you deserve.

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