Homicide & Serious Felonies Attorney in Raleigh, North Carolina

North Carolina's criminal law has been implemented with due diligence due to its severe penalties.

The commission of a crime that results to take the life of a person has been categorized in various offenses such as the following:

  • Homicide
    The killing does not constitute a crime;
  • First Degree Murder
    The highest level of criminal homicide; typically reserved for willful and premeditated killings.
  • Second Degree Murder
    Most often the killing is voluntary but without premeditation. Meaning, it was not planned to commit the offense. The severity of charges usually stays at the range between voluntary manslaughter and first-degree murder charges.
  • Voluntary Manslaughter
    The commission of the offense is intentional but undertaken in not in a heat of the moment.
  • Involuntary Manslaughter
    Killing is not intentional but the act resulted in the death due to reckless or negligent behavior.
Any of the felonies above-mentioned may incarcerate the accused but the duration of the imprisonment may vary depending on the offense committed.

Before anything else, let us define what the word felony means. Under the purview of North Carolina's legal system, a felony is a crime, which:

(1) Was a felony at common law;
(2) Is or may be punishable by death;
(3) Is or may be punishable by imprisonment in the State's prison; or
(4) Is denominated as a felony by statute.

Further, the State of North Carolina formulated the different Classes. Each and every class has a specific range of imprisonment terms and they are the following:
Class ADeath or life with or without parole
Class B1144 months to life without parole
Class B294 to 393 months
Class C44 to 182 months
Class D38 to 160 months
Class E5 to 63 months
Class F10 to 41 months
Class G8 to 31 months
Class H4 to 25 months
Class I3 to 12 months

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On the other hand, homicide is the killing of another person regardless of the intent or other surrounding incidents. However, homicide is not always deemed as a crime because it has likewise been considered as a justifying circumstance in cases of self-defense and/or the state-sanctioned execution of convicts. In essence, it involves either negligence or willful intent, and the duration of imprisonment ranges from the penalty of manslaughter to the first degree of murder. Drunk driving is deemed involuntary manslaughter if, during the accident, the victim died. On the other hand, the first degree of murder may take place only when the premeditated act has been carried out to the death of the victim.

The penalties to the different felonies vary because it depends on the availability of the set of evidence that is beyond a reasonable doubt. In case the accused has been sentenced to death but due to the presence of the mitigating circumstances the penalty should be lessened such as but not limited to the following defense:

  1. Insanity;
  2. Self-defense;
If you happen to commit an offense described in this article, you should not waste time looking for an efficient criminal lawyer because your life is at stake. When you are convicted, you will most likely lose your job and other opportunities, and self-esteem.

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