Karl, Thanks for your understanding and help in relieving me from my predicament...


Karl. Hurray for you and congratulations too! You were great, I was so impressed


Karl, Thank you so much for helping us. we sincerely appreciate everything you have done...

J.S. & A.G

Karl Knudsen's staff, Thank you so much for all your hard work in my matters. I sincerely appreciate it... you worked diligently and left no stone unturned. To make a long story short, you rock!!


Karl Knudsen, To a fabulous attorney, thank you so much for your help. I now have the final piece to the puzzle, for me to become what I've wanted to be...


Karl, We can't thank you enough for all you have done for us. He may not always show it but he loves you guys and knows that you are one of his "safe spots" Thanks for always being there for him and showing him how to become a better person. I can't even put into words what I am trying to say - so just Thank you.


Dear Mr. Knudsen. I want you to know that you are the most respectable man I have in my like. You have been there for me when I most needed it, and not deserved it. You went over and beyond for me and I'll be forever grateful for that.....


Karl, This has been a rough year for me and you have been a tremendous source of strength. When I was not at my best, you picked up the ball and carried it with extraordinary skill and judgement. Working with you has been a great pleasure. I appreciate everything you have done and I admire you as a lawyer and a person.


Mr. Knudsen, I want to thank you for handling my stop sign ticket a couple of months ago. I can't tell you how appreciative my dad and I both are.


Dear Mr. Knudsen, Thank you for all of your work with my case. It was such an extremely stressful time in my life, I was really having a hard time keeping things together. The last thing I needed was a car accident or one of the kids to be hurt and just freaked out. You were very patient and kind "talking me off the ledge" that day last year. Thank you.

K.K. (2013)

I am very pleased with Mr. Knudsen's representation. After getting 2 moving violations, which I was not guilty for, he was able to prove my case and my charges were dismissed. The DA wanted me to accept lesser charges which would have cost me a lot more with court costs, fines and insurance premiums, than what my fee was for his representation. I explained my case to him and he fought to get the charges dropped, which I am very grateful for. Excellent service, I could not be more pleased.

Sherrie (2018)

Mr. Knudsen, I want to thank you for all you've done. I sure hope he will finally grow up and quit doing these stupid things, and take responsibility for his actions. I hope we never need your services again, but if we do you are the one and only lawyer I will contact. Thank you again for all you've done.


Dear Karl. We want to thank you for all your support and generosity with helping our son. Thank you for the POA's, visits to see him in jail, my phone calls, and advice you have given him. Words cannot express how grateful I am that you have done so much for us. You are very kind. Thank you again from my heart.

S.M. (2015)

Hey Karl, Thanks for making a bad situation better. I will miss seeing you, but don't want to get in trouble to see you. I'm glad you were there for me till the end. You will always be "My Hero",

J.S. (2015)

In December we came to Mr. Knudsen with a complicated case fearing the worst but hoping for the best. I could tell right away that he was a truly caring person but also a very honest person and he let us know what the worst outcome could be along with what he felt he would be able to do for us. Over the course of 60 days he worked hard on our case and was able to bring it to resolution with many of the charges being dropped. We couldn't have been happier with the outcome and truly feel he is an amazing attorney and we would highly recommend Mr. Knudsen.

Marsha (2018)

Dear Mr. Knudsen, Thanks so much for being so wonderful in being our attorney in this difficult situation...you have been one of the best attorneys ever...

C.T. (11/8/12)

Dear Mr. Knudsen & Staff, Thank you so much for your work...l really appreciate )'our taking care of my situation and cannot even adequately thank or pay you for your efforts....

G.S. (10/7/2011)

Dear Karl, Sincere thanks for meeting with us on a short notice to hear our grandson's plea for help. We appreciate your honesty, candor and your guidance as you spoke with him about the reality of the situation. Thanks again for the special person that you have been for our family.

H & J.B. (2015)

Dear Karl, Thank you for your handling my ticket dismissal and your staff handling my first time fears of the process...Your staff is great and you are very kind..

S.M. (2009)

Hello Karl, I wanted to thank you formally for your kindness and generosity - you've given my daughter a new beginning and I will always remember your kindness....

G.A. (2009)